Lecture schedule

The course plan is subject to change. The slides of future classes are linked to the slides from the last year’s course. However, slides with a (*) have been updated. ‘A’ below indicates the noon session starting at 12:15, and ‘B’ indicates the evening sessions starting at 18:00.

Week Monday (lectures) Wednesday (lab)
01 Oct 22
A: Introduction (incl. Language Guessing) (*)
B: Complexity theory (*)
Oct 24
lab: Language Guessing
02 Oct 29
A: Elemenary sorts (*)
B: Quicksort (*)
Oct 31
lab: Computational Complexity
03 Nov 05
A: Quicksort (cont'd) (*)
B: Binary heaps & heapsort (*)
Nov 07
lab: Sorting / Graded Assignment
04 Nov 12
A: Undirected graphs (*)
B: Undirected graphs (cont'd) (*)
Nov 14
lab: Graded Assignment
05 Nov 19
A: Directed graphs (*)
B: Directed graphs (cont'd) (*)
Nov 21
lab: Undirected graphs
06 Nov 26
A: Formal languages and automata (slides, 8up)
B: Formal languages and automata
Nov 28
lab: Directed graphs
07 Dec 03
A: Regular grammars and finite state automata (slides, 8up)
B: Regular grammars and finite state automata
Dec 05
lab: Introduction to Python (slides)
08 Dec 10
A: Minimum Spanning Trees
B: Shortest Paths
Dec 12
lab: Graded Assignment
09 Dec 17
A: Finite-state transducers (slides, 8up)
B: Finite-state applications in CL (slides, 8up, xfst-demo)
Dec 19
lab: Finite-state automata
plus take-home exam practise.
Sem. break
No class

No class
10 Jan 7
A: Dependency grammars (slides, 8up)
B: Universal Dependencies
Jan 9
lab: Discussion of graded assignment \& practise exam
11 Jan 14
A: Dependency parsing (slides, 8up)
B: A hands-on introduction to classification
Jan 16
lab: Discussion of Finite-state automata exercises
12 Jan 21
A: Dependency parsing (contd.)
B: Context-free languages and constituency parsing (slides, 8up)
Jan 23
lab: Finite-state morphology and finite-state transducers
13 Jan 28
A: Context-free languages and constituency parsing (contd.)
B: Summary / discussion
Jan 30
lab: Assignment 11 (continued)
14 Feb 04
A: Exam
B: Exam solutions/discussion
Feb 06
lab: Discussion of Assignment 11 and introduction of Assignment 12

Extra Reading and Lecture Material